Digitalising Your Employee Onboarding Journey

Digitalising Your Employee Onboarding Journey Training

What is the Syzygy Methodology?

The Syzygy® Methodology is based on the 5P’s Framework which we evolved based on the patterns and practices we found being used by high-performing teams and organisations.

We will equip you to design high impact onboarding journeys using the 5P Framework. The journey and the New Hires within their 1st 90 days have a clear PROCESS, PURPOSE, PRINCIPLES, PEOPLE and digital PLATFORM that increases employee engagement and retention.

What's unique about this workshop?

This 2 day workshop isn’t just theoretical as participants will learn to design a digitalised learning journey and develop a mobile app prototype using both Syzygy and human-centered design methodologies. The workshop will equip participants the knowledge and skills to develop an effective digital onboarding content, that will better suit today’s talent pool that is more interested in self-paced learning and bite-sized learning content with learning on-the-go capabilities.

Why your new hires’ onboarding experience is important?

Your new hires are more likely to remain longer and be successful in an organisation if they have a positive experience in the first 90 days.

When they feel welcomed, supported and inspired to succeed by their line managers, team and other stakeholders – they build an emotional connection and loyalty to the people and the organisation.

In addition, they (not only the millennials) prefer to manage their own learning every day using technology platforms such as Google, Youtube, Whatsapp and their mobile phones.

So how do WE as employers design a high impact Onboarding Journey supported by digital technology?

Using the proven Syzygy® Methodology and the latest in mobile Technology, we equip you to design your organisation’s Digitalised Onboarding Journey so that your New Hires:

  • Feel empowered to manage their own learning
  • Feel upskilled and ready to perform their role
  • Feel connected to the people and the purpose of your organization
  • Feel engaged and confident they made the right decision

What Others Have Said About This Training:

For those thinking about bringing your onboarding programs to the 21st century but have no clue what to do- Lori will show you how and what to do.

It's interesting to see how learning and come together in a technology form.. Do explore this to understand better - Gaya Thiri, Webe Digital Sdn Bhd

This session serves a good eye-opener on the possibilities of reimagining learning with digital solutions. - Shah Zamri, TMI Malaysia


DAY 1: Design a Digital Learning Strategy using Syzygy® Framework

Morning Session 1
Identify the key PEOPLE who are the Target Group as well as the broader learning team of Stakeholders supporting them on the journey

Morning Session 2
Define the PURPOSE which is what the New Hires need to ACHIEVE, DO & LEARN to be successful in their role

Afternoon Session 1
Map the end-to-end learning journey as a step-by-step PROCESS as well as the Content Architecture which is the flow of the Modules, Lesson, and Topics

Afternoon Session 2
Draw up the journey marking what activities are offline and happen online and the role of the PLATFORM as an enabler at each point in the learning journey

DAY 2: Develop a Digital Learning Journey using Syzygy® Methodology 

Morning Session 1
Set up the end-to-end PROCESS and the Content Architecture in the PLATFORM which is the flow and structure of the journey (Modules & Lessons)

Morning Session 2
Using the List of existing Learning Resources, select a sample Lesson and upload the content to the PLATFORM

Work in pairs, identify the gaps in your Learning Resources, plan and develop a SAMPLE Lesson’s learning materials using Powerpoint

Afternoon Session 1
Develop the LEARN – DO – SHARE instructions for the activities in a SAMPLE Lesson

Design the Assessment activities based on the PURPOSE and the Kirkpatrick Model’s Levels of assessment

(ACHIEVE = Level 4, DO = Level 3 & LEARN = Level 2)

Afternoon Session 2
Complete others’ Lessons, share your Assessment results as well as your feedback on the learning experience